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Science Policies

Science Quizette on Policies, Lab Safety, and Safety Symbols

Name 4 Ways To Lose Ownership Points 1. Disrupting the class. 2. Yelling out the answer to a question. 3. Chewing Gum. 4. Saying "Shut Up."
What Cannot Be Retaken? Mini Pops and Projects.
If You Retake Something, What Is The New Grade? What Is The Maximum Grade You Can Get? The new grade is an average of the old quiz and the new quiz. The maximum grade you can get is a 75%.
How Much Is A ________ Worth? 1. Quizette, 2. Quiz, 3. Test, 4. Project, 5. Mini Pop, 6. Most Homeworks. 1. 50 pts, 2. 100 pts, 3. 200 pts, 4. 50 or 100 pts, 5. 20 pts, 6. 10 pts.
What Should You Do Before You Retake Something? How Long Do You Have To Retake Something? You should correct your mistakes. You have 2 weeks.
The Day It's Due (How Many Points?): 1. Fully Done, 2. Partly Done, 3. None Done. 1. 10 points, 2. Pass it in the next day for up to 7 pts, 3. 0 pts.
The Day After It's Due (How Many Points?): 1. Didn't Do Yesterday, Turned In Today 1. 4 pts.
Two Day's After It's Due (How Many Points?): 1. If You Never Did The Homework Before, But Turned It In Today. 1. 2 pts.
If You Missed Class... Ask Mr. Kal What You Missed. 1. Pass your homework in for the day it was due 2. Find out what the new homework is 3. Find out what papers you need
What Happens If You Don't Make Up The Homework? That results in a zero.
When Are Good Times To Check With Teachers To Find Out What You Have Missed? Homeroom, TAAB, and Before and After Class.
What Happens If You Lose A Paper, You Forget A Pen/Pencil, or Your Homework Is In Your Locker? You lose 2 pts.
Created by: laurenew1102