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Cricks Private Healt

Cricks Private Healthcare Part 1

What are the 2 qualities of general hospitals? 1) they treat patients of all ages 2)provide diagnostic, medical, surgical and emergency care
How are specialty hospitals different from general hospitals? Specialty hospitals serve a particular age group OR specialize in treating a special condition.
How are government hospitals different from other hospitals? Tax funded, general or specialty Hospitals.
How are University or college medical centers different than general hospitals? Teaching facilities, also do research, are usually general hospital types. Public or private funded.
What are the characteristics of a nursing home? Patients reside there, assist with ADL's, provide basic physical care.
How are skilled care facilities different from nursing homes? SNF's provide nursing care and rehab care in addition to those done by common nursing homes.
How are Assisted Living Facilities different from nursing homes or skilled nursing units? Assisted living facilities are like apartments with staff on call to do housework, provide meals and help administer meds.
What are the characteristics of a medical office? Can range from small to large, can offer diagnostic, lab, rehab or other services, can be general or specialty.
What are the characteristics of a dental office? Similar to medical offices, except limited to dental specialties. Can be age specific. Can also be general dentistry or specialized.
What kind of facility offers outpatient "one day" surgical procedures? Surgical centers or Surgicenters
What kind of facility offers outpatient emergency care or first aid? Urgent Care Clinic
What kind of facility offers outpatient physical, occupational, speech and other kinds of therapy? Rehabilitation Clinics
What kind of facilities offer outpatient care and are usually operated by large hospitals and provide care for specific diseases. What are they called? Specialty Clinics
What kind of healthcare providers offer care from an ophthalmologist or optometrist? Optical Center
What kind of health care provider offers outpatient care to patients in their own home? home health care
What type of healthcare provider offers care to patients who are terminally ill? hospice care
What type of healthcare provider offers inpatient and outpatient care for those patients with mental illness? Mental Health Facility
What type of healthcare provider offers counseling in the areas of prenatal screening, and checking for genetic abnormalities? Genetic Counseling Center
What type of healthcare provider offers inpatient and outpatient care to help individuals obtain minimum self-care and function. Rehabilitation Facilities
Created by: russcrick