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Cells to Ecosystems

Vocabulary Words-5th grade

Any living thing that can carry out its life on its own. organism
One-celled organism. unicellular
Many-celled organism. multicellular
A green chemical in plant cells that allows plants to use the Sun's energy to make food. chlorophyll
The smallest unit of living matter. cell
A layer around the outside of a cell that controls what materials move into and out of the cell. cell membrane
The gel-like liquid inside a cell. cytoplasm
The largest, most visible part of a cell, which has its own membrane and is the control center of a cell's activities. nucleus
A stiff structure that surrounds the cell membrane in some organisms. cell wall
All the members of one species in an area. population
All the living things in an ecosystem. community
The path that energy and nutrients follow in an ecosystem. food chain
The overlapping food chains in an ecosystem. food web
A relationship between two kinds of organisms over time. symbiosis
All the living and nonliving things in an environment, including their interactions with each other. ecosystem
An animal that hunts other animals for food. predator
A living thing that is hunted for food. prey
A relationship between two kinds of organisms that benefits mutualism
A relationship between two kinds of organisms that benefits one without harming the other. commensalism
A relationship in which one organism lives in or on another organism and benefits from that relationship while the host organism is harmed by it. parasitism
Tiny pores found in leaves and stems that allow the exchange of gases. stomata
A group of chemical compunds made from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. carbohydrate
The process in which energy is released from food (Sugar) inside a cell. cellular respiration
A diagram that shows the amount of energy available at each level of an ecosystem. energy pyramid
The food-making process in green plants that uses sunlight. photosynthesis
The addition of harmful substances to the environment. pollution
A species that has died out completely. extinct species
A species that is in danger of becoming extinct. endangered species
A species that is in danger of becoming endangered. threatened species
The beginning of a community where few, if any, living things exist, or where earlier communities were wiped out. primary succession
The final stage of sucession in an area, unless a major change happens. climax community
The beginning of a new community where an earlier community already exists. secondary succession
Created by: edmisonk