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Vocab Qz 2 (de-Iuno)

de (prep + abl) from, away from, down from; concerning, according to
dea deae, f. goddess
deus dei, m. god, deity
dexter dextra, dextrum right, to the right; skillful
dico dicere/dixi/dictus to say, speak, sing, describe, name
dictum dicti, n. assertion, remark, saying
Dido Didonis, f. queen of Carthage
divus diva, divum of a deity, godlike, divine
do dare/dedi/datus to give, appoint; grant, bestow; emit, utter
domus domus, f. house, home, dwelling, building
duco ducere/duxi/ductus to lead, lead away, guide, conduct, prolong; choose
dum while; (with subjunctive) until
ex (e) (prep + abl) out of, from; of; since; according to
ego I
eo ire/ii or ivi/itus to go, walk, ride, sail, move
et and, also
fama famae, f. report, rumor, saying, talk, tradition
fatum fati, n. prediction; fate
fero ferre/tuli/latus to bring, carry, bear, wear; report; offer
ferrum ferri, n. iron; iron tool; sword
flamma flammae, f. flame, blaze; flame of passion
for (deponent verb) fari/fatus sum to say, speak
gens gentis, f. race, clan; descendant, offspring
hic (adv.) here
hic, haec, hoc (pron.) this; the latter
hinc from this place, hence; on either side
hostis hostis, m/f enemy, foe, stranger
iam now, at this time, already; (with a negative) longer, more
ignis ignis, m. fire
ille, illa, illud (pron.) that; he, she, it; the former
in (prep + acc) into, to; against; (prep + abl) in, on, upon
ingens ingentis huge, vast, enormous; extraordinary
inter (prep + acc) between, among
ipse, ipsa, ipsum himself, herself, itself
Italia Italiae, f. Italy
iubeo iubere/iussi/iussus to order, tell, command
Iuno Iunonis, f. (aka Saturnia) goddess of marriage; wife of Iuppiter; hater of all things Trojan
Created by: simsma