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vocab mcintosh


not occupied or put to use empty Vacant
seeming to be cooly unconcered or indifferent,not caring Nonchalant
Skeptical;disbelieving Incredulous
Solidy built; sturdy,plump Stocky
Deceitful;unprincipaled,playful Roguish
pulled or drawn tight Taut
a state of mental numbness as that resulting from shock;a daze Stupor
intense agitation,emotin,or activity Feverish
to be victorious or successful;win Triumph
to twist the body about, as in pain Writhed
a fixed allowance of supplies of supplies of food Ration
meeting requirements to participate,compete,or work Eligible
unpleasntly cramped,confied,or closed in Claustrophobic
to cry or slob loudly;wail Bawl
heedless or carless Reckless
a fixed or srtong belief conviction
to make larger more powerful;increase Amplify
to interrupt or cut off Stifle
a possible danger;a threat Menance
suspicious or distrustful Leery
an article in a publication expressing the opinion of its editors or publishers Editorial
Distant physically or emotionally;non-emotional,or non-caring Aloof
a group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class,enjoying superior intellectual,social,or economic status Elite
to speak with involuntary pauses or repetitions Stammer
a warning in advance Premonition
offering resistance;opposing Reluctant
gloomy or somber in tone Sullen
smartly or boldly stylish;dashing Gallant
seperate;disconnect Detach
angered at something unjust or wrong Indignant
continuing or enduring forever Perpetual
to bite or chew Gnaw
to scold or rebuke severely Reprimand
to confuse (with words) Befuddle
generally awkward;inappropiate Inept
to persuade with flattery or gentle urging Cajole
immature,inexperienced Callow
to pretend illness to aviod work or duty Malinger
very alert,watchful Vigilant
wise,shrews,very discerning Sagacious
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