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Oxygen Therapy

True or False: Oxygen does not require the six rights of medication administration. False. Oxygen is treated as a drug, requiring the six rights and doctors orders.
Define Hypoxia: Inadequate oxygen at the cellular level
How does hypoxia affect B/P? Initially B/P is elevated, but if the hypoxia is left untreated the B/P will decrease.
What is clubbing of the fingers a sign of? Chronic hypoxia
How does hypoxia affect respirations? Initially increased, but if the hypoxia is left untreated the respirations will slow and become shallow.
How can hypoxia affect the heart? *Initially it is tachycardic, but if untreated can become bradycardic. *Can lead to cardiac dysrhythmias
Define hypoxemia: Decreased O2 in the blood.
What kind of fabrics should the PT avoid while using oxygen? Wool and Nylon
What common household hygene equipment should the family be instructed to NOT bring for the patient. PTs own electric razor.
How often should a PT on oxygen therapy conduct oral hygene? Every 3 - 4 hrs
Why are oxygen concentrations above 60% are rarely used? Greater concentrations come with an increased risk of oxygen toxicity
What percentage of O2 is MOST OFTEN the max used for O2 therapy? 60%
What is the choice for nasal cannula dependent on? Depends on blood gas, patient’s condition and pulse ox
What is the common rate of O2 for the average PT 3 to 4 lpm
What is the rate of O2 given to PTs with COPD, and why? 2 to 3 lpm, higher rates reduce the respiratory rate
What age group ar nasal cannulas appropriate for? Its appropriate for all age groups.
What is the O2 concentration and rate of an O2 mask? 24% - 55%, 3 to 7 lpm
What can a tihght fitting simple O2 mask cause? Pressure and necrosis
What adverse effect can a nasal cannula cause? Necrosis
What is the O2 concentration of a Face mask with reservoirs/Partial Rebreather? 60% to 80%
What mask is used when accurate oxygen delivery is required? Venturi-Mask
Created by: Shanejqb