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Read 990 Vocab 2

Vocabulary from chapter 2, book 3

synagogue place of Jewish worship
parsed Analyzed or studied
vagrancy homelessness
inculcate teach or instruct
prostate a gland in male mammals
bipolar disorder condition marked by episodes of depression & mania
embalming treating a corpse with preservatives to delay decay
archetypical related to an original model or type
partisan supporting one party, cause, person, or idea
grass roots refers to the local level instead of political center
ideological related to ideas of a particular group or class
equivocal open to interpretation ,unclear, & misleading
mealy-mouthed vague, unwilling to state facts or opinions directly
albeit even though, although
homogeneous similar in nature
synapses where nerve pulses pass, junctions
impunity being excused from punishment or penalty
cordoned off guarded or roped off to prevent movement in or out
subpoena summons to a court of law to give testimony
cacophony hash sounds hard on the ears
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