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Sentences 3

妈妈在过海(hǎi)关 Mom is going through the Custom.
上海有很多人口 Shanghai has a big population.
我很喜欢去海边 I really like to go to the seashore.
海滩很美 The beach is beautiful!
有很多人坐在沙(shā)滩(tān)上 There are many people sitting on the beach.
沙滩上有白色的沙子 There is white sand on the beach.
你在叫什么 What are you yelling for?
谁在大叫 Who is screaming?
快去叫人 Hurry! Go and get someone!
他的名字很好听。 His name sounds very good.
Justin Bieber 很有名 J.B is very famous.
这本书没名 This book has no name/not famous.
我们要请人来吃饭 We need to invite for dinner.
我要请人来割(gē)草(cǎo)(to cut the grass)。 I want to hire people to cut the grass.
今天谁请客 Whose is paying today?
请问那个女生是谁 May I ask who that girl is?
你有什么问题吗 Do you have a question/a problem?
学生在问问题 Students are asking questions.
没问题 No problem!
请问小姐贵姓 Excuse me, Miss, what’s your last name?
她是我的大姐 She is my oldest sister.
她们是姐妹 They are sisters.
他们就像兄(xiōng)弟一样 They are just like brothers.
我有很多兄弟姐妹 I have many siblings.
Created by: wanglaoshi
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