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7th Grade Bacteria

A chemical that can kill ONLY bacteria without harming the human body is called a(n) antibiotics
What happens if you don't take all of your antibiotics The bacteria will become stronger and make you sicker
What are the three shapes of bacteria rods, spirals, spheres
Why are bacteria classified as prokaryotes? they have no nucleus
What do bacteria form to protect themselves during bad conditions? endospores
Are bacteria multicellular or unicellular? unicellular
What is the name of the whiplike tail that helps some bacteria move around? flagellum
Do scientists consider archae to be part of the eubacteria kingdom? No
Type of bacteria that are found everywhere eubacteria
are the oldest organisms on earth and they live in extreme conditions such as sewers and at the bottom of the ocean archae
where two parent bacteria combine their genetic material to produce a new bacteria that differs from both parents sexual reproduction
where one parent bacteria reproduces a new bacteria that is identical to that parent. asexual reproduction
organisms that have a nucleus eukaryotes
organisms that do not have a nucleus prokaryotes
Are bacteria living organisms? yes
Are bacteria heterotrohps or autotrophs? they can be both
Are bacteria prokayotes or eukaryotes? prokaryotes
List some ways bacteria are helpful used to mark certain foods, some produce heat, help keep your body healthy, decompose dead organisms and trash, clean up oil spills
List some ways bacteria are harmful cause food to spoil, some make you sick, can cause really bad smells
Are bacteria named using binomial nomenclature? Yes
Which pathogen do antibiotics destroy? bacteria
Why are bacteria named using binomial nomenclature? bacteria are living organisms
Created by: Cabrini