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solar system/guest

Study skills and solar system unit test-6th grade science

Within Mr. Guest's system, what is the 1st study skill? Rewrite notes
What is the 2nd study skill summerize notes
What is the 3rd study skill make flash cards
what is the most important action can a student take to prepare for a test? study
What type of celestial body is the Sun? star
Name the two gases that mostly make up the Sun Hydrogen & Helium
What term means to move on a path around an object? revolve
What term means to spin around an axis rotate
How long does it take Earth to revolve around the Sun 1 year or 365 days
How long does it take Earth to rotate once on it's axis 1 day or 24 hours
What term describes a huge hot glowing ball of gas? Star
What term describes the process in which the nuclei of two o more atoms join to form a single larger nucleus nuclear fusion
What term describes the brightness of a star? magnitude
What color are the coolest stars red
what color are the hottest stars blue
What term describes the distancelight can travel in one year light year
What term describes a huge grouping of stars galaxy
What term describes the average distance of Earth from the Sun Astronomical unit
What term describes the Sun and the cluster of bodies that travel around it? Solar System
How many main planets are there within our solar system 8
Which planet is known as the "Red Planet" Mars
Which planet is known for it's spectacular rings Saturn
Which planet is names after the Roman God of the Sea Neptune
Which planet is sevrely tilted Uranus
Which planet is the largest planet in our Solar System Jupiter
Which planet has one moon, no water, and almost no atmosphere? Mercury
which planet is the only known planet suitable for complex life Earth
Which planet is very hot and is known as Earth's siter planet Venus
What is the name of the permanent storm system located on Jupiter The red spot
What is the name of the permanent storm system located on Neptune The Dark spot
What term describes a celestial body made of rock and iron which orbits between mars and Jupiter asteroid
What term describes an asteroid that enters the Earth's atmosphere, thus catching on fire? meteor
What termdescribes an asteroid that makes it through arth's atmosphere and actually makes landfall meteorite
What term describes a celesteial body made of ice nd dust and which also orbits the sun? comet
Where do scientists believe asteriods come from asteroid belt
where do scientists believe comets come from Kuiper Belt
first planet mercury
second planet Venus
third planet Earth
fourth planet Mars
fifth planet Jupiter
sixth planet Saturn
seventh planet Uranus
eighth planet Neptune
Created by: memery