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What is the most special part of God's creation? a person
What parts of your body are designed especially to help us to react to the things around us? sense organs
Name the FIVE most important sense 1. sight 2. hearing 3. smell 4. taste 5. touch
When your eyes are open, what are they constantly doing? taking pictures
What carries messages to and from the brain? nerves
What are some things the nervous system enables you to do? 1. feel 2. understand 3. learn 4. solve problems 5. remember 6. see 7. move 8. hear 9. taste
What is your spinal cord? A bundle of millions of nerve cells in your backbone
What do your nerves do? Carry messages to and from your brain
What vitamin is good for your eyes? Vitamin A
What does the brain do? Controls your whole body
What are the THREE main parts of the nervous system? 1. the brain 2. the nerves 3. the spinal cord
Which side of the brain controls the right side of your body? Left
What helps to keep dust and other objects out of your eyes? eyelids and eyelashes
How do tears help your eyes? 1. keeps our eyes moist 2. wash dust and dirt from our eyes
Name some foods that are rich in Vitamin A 1. carrots 2. liver 3. cheese 4. peas 5. eggs 6. peaches
List several ways in which we can protect our eyes 1. use proper lighting 2. keep sharp objects away from our eyes
What bones protect our eyes? forehead and cheekbones
If you were in a dark room, would your pupils of your eyes be small or large? Why? Large.. to allow more light into your eye
What enables us to enjoy God's world? nervous system
When you read and write, where should you make sure light is coming from? Above and behind you
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