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Ecce Romani 33 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 33 vocabulary SALT

mulsum, -ī honey and wine mixture, honey-wine
ferculum, -ī tray
gustation, gustātiōnis (f.) first course, hors d’oeuvre
niger, nigra, nigrum black
boletus, -ī mushroom
liquāmen, liquāminis (n.) garum (seasoning sauce made from fish)
aspersus, -a, -um sprinkled
rēs urbānae, rērum urbānārum (f., pl.) affairs of the city/town
pestilential, -ae plague
pōculum –ī goblet, cup
locu, -ī place
popīna, -ae eating-house, bar
edō, edere or esse, ēdī, ēsus (irreg.) to eat
compleō, complēre, complēvī, completes to fill
irrumpō, -ere, irrūpī, irruptus to burst in
īrātissimus, -a, -um most/very angry
dē porcō datum est some pork was given
frustum, -ī scrap
ūnā (adv.) together (lit. “as one”)
cēterī, -ae, -a the rest, others
Euge! Hurray!
coquus, -ī cook
secundae mēnsae, -ārum (f., pl.) second course, dessert
ūva, -ae grape, bunch of grapes
pirum, -ī pear
passum, -ī raisin-wine
scindō, scindere, scidī, scissus to cut, split, carve
forte (adv.) by chance
proximus, -a, -um nearby
lūna, -ae moon
tamquam (conj.) just as if
merīdiē (adv.) at noon
situs, -a, -um located, situated
inter (prep. + acc.) among, between
stēla, -ae tombstone
numerō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to count
vestīmentum, -ī clothing; (pl., clothes)
ululō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to howl
anima, -ae heart, soul
nāsus, -ī nose
lapideus, -a, -um of stone, stony
umbra, -ae shadow, shade
cecīdī I slashed at
donec (conj.) until
prius (adv.) earlier
pecus, pectoris (n.) livestock, sheep and cattle
vulnerō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to wound
sanguis, sanguinis (m.) blood
medicus, -ī doctor
versipellis, versipellis (gen. pl., versipellium) (m.) werewolf (fr. "vertō", to change, and "pellis", skin)
posteā (adv.) afterward
exuō, exuere, exuī, exūtus to take off
prōcēdō, procedure, prōcessī, prōcessūrus to go forward
careō, carēre, caruī, caritūrus + abl. to need, lack
dērideō, -ēre, dērīsī, dērīsus to laugh at, get the last laugh
Created by: cheetahpop