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Ecce Romani 32 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 32 vocabulary SALT

invītātī erant they had been invited
quā dē causā for this reason
comparō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to buy, obtain, get ready
holus, holeris (n.) vegetable
pānis, pānis, (gen. pl., pānium) (m.) bread
pullus, -ī (m.) chicken
ōvum, -ī egg
mālum, -ī apple
allāta erat it had been brought in
circum (prep + acc.) around
pulcherrimus, -a, -um most/very beautiful
regnum, -ī kingdom
īnferī, -ōrum (m., pl.) the underworld
candelabrum, -ī lamp-stand, candelabrum
cāsū by chance, accidentally
oleum, -ī oil
stratum, -ī sheet, covering
ignis, ignis (gen. pl., ignium) fire
pallum, -ī cloak
Bonō animō es!/este! Be of good mind! Cheer up!
iussa, -ōrum (n., pl.) orders, commands
coquō, coquere, coxī, coctus to cook
afferō, afferre, attulī, allātus (irreg.) to bring, bring to, bring in
ēvertō, ēvertere, ēvertī, ēversus to overturn, upset
dēiciō, dēicere, dēiēcī, dēiectus to throw down; (passive) to fall
effundō, effundere, effūdī, effūsus to pour out; (passive) to spill
complūrēs, -ēs, -a several
cōnfecta erit it is/will have been finished
cōmiter (adv.) courteously, graciously, in a friendly way
solea, -ae sandal
auferō, auferre, abstulī, ablātus (irreg.) to carry away, take away
accumbō, -ere, accubuī, accubitūrus to recline (at a table)
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