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8th Grade - Science

Chapter 3 - Water

irrigation the process of supplying water to areas of land, so they are suitable for growing crops
conservation the practice of using less of a resource, so that it will not be used up
water quality measurement of the substances in water besides water molecules
pH affects quality (measurement of how acidic water is), the higher the pH, the more basic the water (7 is neutral, normal water), the lower the pH, the more acidic it is
hardness the combined levels of calcium and magnesium
sewage waste water and different kinds of waste
coagulation a chemical is added to cause sticky globs (flocs) and particles stick to the flocs)
water pollution is the addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water and living things that depended on water
nonpoint source source of pollution that can't be tied to a specific point of origin
point source a specific source of pollution that can be identified
acid rain rain or another form of precipitation that is more acidic than normal
levee sediment deposits that build up to keep the river in line
flash flood a sudden violent flood that occurs within a few hours/minutes, of a storm
hydroelectric power electricity produced by kinetic energy of water moving over a waterfall or through a dam
potential energy energy stored and waiting to be used
Created by: rogersroost