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PT ch.14

week 2

What is an example of an automated inventory machine within the pharmacy? Carousel
Most drugs are kept at what temperatures? 59-86 degrees fareignheight
What is a package containing a single dose of medication called? Unit-dose packaging
What is a purchase order number? A # used to identify an order
The temperature of refrigeration in a pharmacy should be what? 40-42 F
Who publishes safety guidelines for handling chemotherapy drugs? National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
What are examples of durable medical equipment? Walkers, wheel chairs, crutches and bedpans.
How should medications be organized? So oldest items are dispensed first
What should you do if you receive a shipment of broken or damaged stock? Bring to attention of supplier they should be removed, bagged or otherwise separatd to help prevent contamination or damaged to other stock
What is an example of a robotic dispensing machine that produces prescription labels? parata DS or Pyxis
What is an automatic dispensing system? A system in which medications are dispensed, upon confirmation of an order communicated from a centralized computer system, at their point of use.
Describe what an MSDS is for. A OSHA required notice on hazardous substances that provide hazard, handling, cleaning, first aid
What is the purchase order number usually created by? Purchasers computer systems
What is a mobile robot? A robot that travels throughout a facility delivering drugs to various nursing units and departments
What does organizing drugs alpha-generically mean? Aphabetically in order by generic names
What is the NDC number used by the manufacturer to indicate? Identifies the product and package size
Created by: suemvang