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Medical Root Word

a-,an Without, Absent of
ab- Away From
Ana-,Dis- apart
ante- before, in front
anti- against
bio- life
blasto- precursor
brady- slow
circum-,circ- around
cyani- blue
dys- difficult, painful
ecto- outside
endo- within, into
epi- above, upon
erythro- red
ex-, exo- outside
endo- within, into
epi- above
erythro- red
hetero- other, dfferent
homo- same
hyper- above normal
hypo- below normal
infra- below
intra- within
inter- between
iso- same, equal
macro-, mega- large
medi-,meso- middle
micro- small
muta- change
neo- new
oo- egg
para- beside, next to
peri- around
pre-, pro- before
post- after
retro behind
sub- below
supra- above
tachy- fast
trans- across
-algia pain
-ase enzyme
-clast breakdown
-cyte cell
-ectomy surgical removal
-emia blood condition
-emesis vomitting
-fistula abnormal opening
-genic, -gen, -genisis producing
-glia glue
-graphy recording process
-ia condition
-ic pertaining to
-itis inflammation
-lysis, -lyso destruction, seperate, split
-oma tumor, swelling, mass
-ology study of
-opsy removal of pieces
-orrhea flow
-osis increase, abnormal state
-ostomy create artificial opening
-otomy, -tomo cut into, cut
-ous pertaining to
-pathy disease
-penia decreased amount, deficiancy
-phagia, physis eating, engulfing
-plegia paralysis
-poiesis formation
-sclerosis hardening
-stasis, stati stop, remain unchanged
-trophy nourishment, development
mono- one
bi- two
hemi-, haplo- half
semi- half
tri- three
poly- many
quadri- four
angi vessel
arterio artery
arthro joint
broncho bronchus (air passages fo lungs)
cardio heart
carcino cancer
cephalo head
chondro cartilage
costa rib
crania skull
cutane, dermato, derma skin
cysto bladder
cyto cell
encephalo brain
entero intestines, gut
gastric, gastro stomach
hemo, hemato blood, iron portion
hepato liver
homeo constant, unchanging
hydro water
hystero uterus
leuko lymph
lympho white
mammo, masto breast
myco fungus
myo, mysi muscle
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
oma tumor
oo, ova egg
oophoro ovary
or mouth
osteo bone
patho disease
pecto chest
peritoneal abdomino-pelvic
pleura lungs region
pneumo lung, air
pynea, spiro breath
pyo pus
reno kidney
salpingo fallopian tube
sepsi infection
splanchno viscera
thrombo blood clot
tracheo trachea, wind pipe
vaso vessel
viscero internal organs
Created by: Alyssa_lynn92