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World Geo Ch 1-3

What are the branches of Geography? Physical and Human Physical Geography = the study of the world's physical features- it's land forms, bodies of water, climates, soils, and plants.
Identify Human-Environment Interaction Geography Human-Environment Interaction Geography = an area's environment that includes it's land, water, climate, plants, and animals.
What are the 5 themes of Geography? Human-environment Interaction, Movement, Place, Location, and Region.
Name all 7 continents. Africa, South and North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Antarctica
Name 4 main oceans. Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic.
Identify Movement. Movement= people and animals move to different places for a more pleasant living space.
Identify Place Place = place is simular to location but does not tell where an area is but it tells the area of a landscape.
Identify Location Location = A description of where something or someone is (ex) Relative and Absolute location.
Identify (a) Region (s). Regions = are areas that share common characteristics.
What is the difference between longitude and latitude? Latitude wraps around the earth going from east to west, and Longitude goes up and down from north to south.
What is the equator? The equator is an imaginary line that circles the globe halfway between the North and South Poles.
What is the Prime Meridian? The Prime Meridian is an imaginary line that runs through Greenwich, England. It represents 0 degrees longitude.
What four things affect the amount of solar energy the Earth gets? Earth's rotation, Revolution, tilt, and latitude.
When do the seasons begin? June 21, September 22, March 21, and December 21.
How much of the Earth's water is fresh? 3 percent
What is precipitation? Precipitation is water that falls to Earth's surface as rain,snow sleet or hail.
What is evaporation? Evaporation is when the water disolves into the air.
what is condensation? Condensation is when the water is being formed into hail, snow, sleet or rain in the clouds.
What is runoff? Runoff is excess precipitation that flows over land into rivers, streams, and oceans.
What is the theory of plate tectonics? Pangea.
What happens when the plates slide, collide, and separate? Contenital drift.
What is the difference between weather and climate? Weather is = changes in the air for a given place and time. climate is= a regions average conditions over a long period.
How do ocean currents and prevailing winds help regulate temperature? They regulate the earth's tempeture by blowing different temparature kinds of wind around in an organized way.
What is a rain shadow? Most of the moisture in the ocean air falls on the mountains facing the wind. Little moisture remains to fall on the other side, creating a rain shadow.
What are the 5 major climate zones? Tropical, temperate, polar, dry, and highland.
What 5 factors affect climate? Wind, water, Latitude, Elevation, and sun
What is the difference between an environment, habitat and an ecosystem? Environment= your surroundings. An Ecosystem= a group of plants and animals that depend on each other for survival and the environment in which they live. A habitat= is a place where plants and/or animals live.
How is soil layered? First there is Top Soil then, there is subsoil, after that is broken rock, and finally there is solid rock.
What causes desertification? The spread of desertlike conditions.
What is the differnece between absolute and relative location? One is specific one is some what specific Absolute = very specific, exact, (ex) locker # Relative = less exact; not as specific (ex) the area or location of the locker bay or classroom.