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this theory describes states that only a limited number of sensations or messages can travel nerve pathways at one time Gate Control Theory of Pain
this pressure point is between the thumb and pointer finger and is said to cause contractions without causing pain Hoku pressure point
there is a new study that says this type of nonpharmacologic pain relief therapy works well for those addicted to cocaine. Accupressure
_______ refers to the relief from the sensation of pain on the raising of the threshold for pain perception without the loss of consciousness Analgesia
Systemic Analgesia causes what three side effects in newborns? respiratory depression, decreased alertness, and delayed sucking.
Two examples of opioid analgesics are? Demerol and Sublimaze
Which opioid analgesia causes extreme itching? Sublimaze
_____ should never be given to those with an opioid addiction? Stadol
________ should be given to heroin addicts to prevent withdrawal symptoms while they are pregnant. Methadone
When would you administer systemic anaglesia? give IVP at the beginning of 2-3 UCs
Which opioid antagonist is given to treat neonatal narcosis? Narcan
which med is added to infusion of local infiltration anesthesia to intensify the effects of the medicine? Epinephrine
Which type of pharmacological pain relief method is most effective for labor? lumbar epidural
what would you do before administering an epidural to a patient in labor to make sure they do not become hypotensive? give a bolus of IV fluid
What are two significant problems with general anesthesia? causes maternal aspiration, and severe respiratory depression in neonate
What hormones does the placenta produce? hCG, estrogen, progesterone, HCS or HPL
the placenta develops by the ___ week. 3rd
the placenta is fully functional by the ____ week 12th
____ is another name for a woman who is pregnant gravida
Presumptive indicators of pregnancy are... ammenorhea, fatigue, frequent urination, breast and skin changes, nausea and vomiting, quickening
probable indicators of pregnancy are.. hegar sign, goodell sign, chadwick's sign, abdominal enlargement, ballottement, braxton hicks contractions, pregnancy tests
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