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ChinesePod - D1742

ChinesePod: Upper Intermediate, The Working Hours Policy

員工 yuángōng employee
提高 tígāo to raise
管理 guǎnlǐ to manage
效率 xiàolǜ efficiency
bìng and
創造 chuàngzào to create
寬鬆 kuānsōng relaxed
彈性 tánxìng flexible
jiāng will
實行 shíxíng to implement
彈性工作制 tánxìng gōngzuòzhì flexible working system
根據 gēnjù according to
實際情況 shíjì qíngkuàng actual situation
選擇 xuǎnzé to choose
辦公室 bàngōngshì office
滿 mǎn to consist of
shuā to swipe
員工卡 yuángōng kǎ employee card
隨時 suíshí at any time
聯繫 liánxì to contact
支持 zhīchí support
通知 tōngzhī to notify, to inform
書面 shūmiàn written, in writing
和諧 héxié harmonious
輪班制 lúnbānzhì the system of working in shifts
並且 bìngqiě and
死板 sǐbǎn rigid
格式 géshì format
抽象 chōuxiàng abstract
詳細 xiángxì detailed
單向 dānxiàng one-way
Created by: chibitrochan
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