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Latin Roots 1 S.S.

Latin Roots

acerbic a bad mood
acidophilic something that stains with acid easily
acidimeter a tool for measuring the sourness of something
acrid a bitter taste or smell
acidiferous containing a sour substance
agitate to make move, stir up
agility the quality of moving quickly and easily
navigate to steer a ship or aircraft
agenda a list of things to be done
ambiguous unclear because of being able to be understood in more than one way
alias another name
alibi proof of being somewhere else when an incident occured
alien someone or thing that is from another place or time
allonymous something published under anothers name
alteration the process of making something different
amateur someone who does something for love instead of money
amiable having a friendly disposition
amicable having friendliness
amorous having lots of love
enamored in love
unanimous being of one mind
animation the process of making something alive or seem alive
magnanimous great spirit
animosity the quality of anger tending towards hostility
equanamity the quality of an even mind or temper
anniversary a special yearly event
annual something that occurs yearly
biennial something that occurs every two years
centennial a one hundred year period
sesquicentennial a 150 year period
audible capable of being heard
audition the process of giving a hearing
auditorium where people go to listen
auscultate to listen to the sounds in the body
antebellum before the civil war
postbellum after the civil war
belligerent showing a readiness for war
bellicose showing a readiness to fight
rebellion defiance of authority
bonbon a small piece of candy
bona fide genuine
debonair of good nature
bon ami a good friend
bon vivant one who lives the good life
caloricity the state where some animals are able to maintain constant body temperatures
calorimeter a tool for measuring heat
caloriduct a passage for conveying heat
calorific relating to producing heat
caloric relating to heat
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