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Vocab 22-Latin 2

Adeptus, Adepta, Adeptum having received, having obtained
Amor, Amoris,m. love
Aureus,Aurea, Aureum golden, made of gold
Avide eagerly
Caelum, Caeli,n. sky
Decipio I deceive
Decipere to deceive
Decepi I deceived
deceptus having been deceived
dirus dreadful, awful
dissentio I disagree
dissentire to disagree
dissensi i disagreed
eligo i choose
eligere to choose
elegi I chose
electus having been chosen
exitium destruction
fundo pour
fundere to pour
fudi I poured
fusus having been poured
hostis enemy
iacto I throw
iactare to throw
iactavi I threw
iactatus having been thrown
incipio I begin
incipere to begin
incepi I began
inceptus having been began
ingressus having entered
inicio I throw in
inicere to throw in
inieci I threw in
iniectus having been thrown in
lacrima crying
minimus very little, least
molestus troublesome
moneo I warn
monere to warn
monui I warned
monitus having been warned
parco I spare
parcere to spare
peperci I spared
precatus having prayed
prudentia good sense
quantus? how big
quo modo? how?
tardus late
tutus safe
verbum word
virtus courage
vito I avoid
vitare to avoid
vitavi I avoided
vitatus having been avoided
Created by: Latin I