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Fire Fighter I

Fire Science

which rope is most commonly used as a sport rope for recreational rock climbing or ice climbing? High-Stretch Kernmantle
which of the following tools is aval. in both powered and manual versions and is used to cut security bars on windows or doors? Rebar Cutters
which tools are called exothormic cutting rods and are ultra-high temperature cutting devices capable of cutting through virtually ant metal/nonmetallic or compise material? Burning Bars
which tool may be used to cut through heavy metal componets but its use in the fire service is diminishing because of safety concern? Oxyacetylene cutting torches
Which tool is an ultra-high temperature metal-cutting device and requires a power supply as well as one of several compound gasses? Plasma Cutters
Which power saw is ideal for cutting sheet metal body panels structural components on vehicles when equipped with a metal cutting blade? Reciprocating Saw
which rope is commonly used as a rescue rope where stretch is an undesirable characteristic? Low-Stretch Kernmantle
Rope constructed by twisting yarns together to form strands and is almost exclusively used as utility rope? Laid Rope
What rope is constructed by uniformly intertwining strains of rope together and is most commonly used as utility rope? Braided Rope
When should all types of rope be inspected? after each use
How often should unused ropes be inspected? Annually
When a piece of rescue rope is purchased, it must be?... Permanently identified
What rope is made of hemp or cotton? Natural Fiber Rope
Which rope is used when long falls are possible and rope is designed to stretch? without breaking Dynamic Rope
Which rope is used fro most rope-rescue incidents and is designed for low stretch without breaking? Static Rope
Which Life Safety rope is intended to support the weight of one person and has a maximum safe working load of 300 pounds? Light-Use-Rope
Which Life Safety rope is intended to support the weight of two people and has a maximum safe working load limit of 600 pounds? General-Use-Rope
Which rope is composed of a braided covering or sheath over a core of main load-bearing strands and is used as life safety rope? Kernmantle Rope
Which cutting tool uses a conventional cutting torch and dual-hose configuration and the fuel is delivered in liquid form? Oxygasoline cutting torches
Which power saw is especially useful in situations where electrical power is readily available and heavier and bulkier power saws are to difficult to handle? Circular saw
Which hydraulic prying tool is designed primarily for vehicle extraction but can be used to force entry by placing it inside a door frame? Hydraulic Ram
Which pushing/pull tool can be used as a prying tool? Roofman's Hook
You should never carry a running power tool more than? 10 feet (3m)
Most interior doors in newer residences are? hollow core slab doors
What kind of door is usually a heavy exterior door and generally dont have windows or other openings? solid core slab doors
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