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Apologia gs study

study guide for module 1

who was Imhotep? he was an Egyptian with a vast knowledge of medicine
who were Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes? These three people were considered the first scientists.
Leucippus and his student Democritus are remembered for what idea? they are remembered for the idea of atoms.
Who came up with the idea of spontaneous generation? Aristotle [one of the definitions]
who first came up with a large-scale classification scheme for living creature? Aristotle
Who is considered to be the first modern scientist and why does he deserve that honor? the first modern scientist because he invented the scientific method.
Two great works were published in 1543. Who were the authors and what were the subjects? the first was published by Nicolaus Copernicus. The subject of this was to prove that Ptolemy"s veiw was incorrect. The second book was published by Andreas Vesalius. The subject was about the human body.
why was Galileo forced to publicly reject his massive amount of data supporting the Copernican system? he was forced to reject the idea because the church thought it was heresy.
who was the greatest scientist of all times? What are his three biggest accomplishments? the greatest scientist of all time. The three greatest things he did was this. He laid down three laws of motion, he formulated a universal law of gravitation, and he developed the mathematical field of calculus.
What was Lavoisier's greatest contribution to science? the idea that matter cannot be destroyed. it can only change forms.
What is John Dalton remembered for? remembered for his work with the atomic theory.
what is Charles Darwin remembered for? remembered most for his theory of evolution.
What is Gregor Mendel remembered for? remembered for his work with reproduction.
James Clerk Maxwell is known as the founder of modern _________ known as the founder of modern physics.
What law did James Joule demonstrate to be true? determined that like matter, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change forms.
What is the fundamental assumption behind quantum mechanics? who proposed this idea Quantum mechanics is a way of looking at energy and matter. ______ _______ proposed this idea.
what is Niels Bohr remembered for? remembered for his picture of the atom.
Einstein was one of the founders of the quantum mechanical revolution. He is also famous for two other ideas. What are they? special theory of relativity, and the general theory of relativity.
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