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animal tech

weight wt
pound lb(s)
ounce oz
G, gm gram
mg millagram
mL milliliter
cc cubic centimeter
drop gtt (gutte)
ampule amp
capsule cap
susp suspension
tab tablet
inj injection
by mouth po
nothing by mouth npo
ad lib free choice/ at liberty
AC before meals/eating
PC after meals/eating
as needed prn
IC intracardiac
ID intradermal
IM intramuscular
Intranasal (no needle) IN
introsseous ID (into the bone)
IP intraperitoneal (chest cavity)
IV intravenous (into the vein)
Sub Q, SQ Subqutaneous (below/under the skin)
LRS lactated ringers solution
antibiotic abx or ab
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
SID 1x a day
BID 2x a day
TID 3x a day
QID 4x a day
EOD every other day
per day /d
hour /h
every q
history hx
Dx dignose
Tx treatment
Rx prescription
Vaccine vax
BAR Bright, Alert, Responsive
QAR Quiet, Alert, Responsive
Vomiting V+ (++)
Diarrhea D+(++)
Coughing C+
Sneezing S+
Fever F+
MM Mucus Membranes
TPR Temp, Pulse, Respirations
WNL Within normal limits
Feline Leukemia FeLv
FIP feline infectious peritonitis
FIV Feline immunodeficiency virus (feline AIDS)
Rabies vaccine Rv
heartworm test HWT
CRT capillary refill time
DOA dead on arrival
HBC hit by car
species SP
immediately STAT
URI upper repository infection
UTI urinary tract infection
Spay, Ovariohysterectomy OVH, OHE (removal of female reproductive organs)
EKG, ECG Electrocardiogram
Ultrasound US, U/S
urine/urinary U+
Bowel movement BM
E/D eating
SR, S/R suture (stitches) removal
TNT toe nail trim
DLH Domestic Long Hair
DMH Domestic Medium Hair
DSH Domestic Short Hair
Sx Surgery
ET Euthinasia
A/G Anal Glands
Created by: jmorley3