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chap. 24 vocab.

chapter 24 sections 1-3 vocabulary review

cubīle pl,g,and Abl bed (cubilla,N abl-cubīlī)
latus pl,g side (latera N)
dēnuō again
multō (by) much
laevus-a-um left (-hand)
mīrārī to admire, be amazed,wonder at
pār equal (pār- 3rd decl.)
impār unequal (impār- 3rd decl.)
aegrōtus-a-um sick
recumbere to lie back down
sonus sound
subitus-a-um sudden, unexpected
subitō suddenly
clāmor shout(ing)
strepitus (pl&g) racket, loud noise
iūxtā (+___case) next to, beside (+ acc.)
percutere (3-i) to beat on
continuō immediately, right away
valdē very much/ very hard/ with OOMPH
frangere (+ 2 inf.) to break frēgisse, fractum
aliter otherwise, any other way
sibi to the subject's self
dolor (pl. & g) pain, grief dolōrēs, M
ending -re on a deponent verb do this command!
os (pl & g) bone ossa, N
vix barely, scarcely, hardly
flēre to weep, shed tears
patī (3-i) V.D. to endure, suffer, tolerate
etsī although, even though
lūdere to play
nōscere (+ 2 perf. inins.) to learn, find out about (nōvisse nōtum esse)
cupere (3-i, + perf. act. infin.) to want, desire,cupivisse
certō certainly
tense sign -era- HAD verbed
cruentus-a-um bloody
prīmō at first
ibi there
auscultāre to eavesdrop, listen in on
forte by chance, accidentally
Created by: CCSLatinOne