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AP Gov 3 Notvocab

How does United States v. Lopez demonstrate Federalism? The Court ruled that the States' power over schools applied. Federal Commerce powers did not.
What clause did the Federal Government use unsuccessfully to justify the Gun-Free School Zones Act? Commerce Clause
How did federalism shift the focus of policy battles? The issue moves from what the policy should be to who gets to make the policy.
What do you call the vertical division of U.S. democracy? Federalism
Neighborhood schools are run by local school boards. How do the State and Federal governments influence school policy. To get state and federal money, school districts obey state and federal provisions.
About how much federal aid does the Federal government give to states and local governments? (At least around 2006) $400 billion
Why is Federalism a system of shared power? Two or more levels of government have formal authority over the same area and people.
How many nations in the world use Federalism? Give three examples. 11; US, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina
What kind of government do most nations in the world have? unitary governments
What American governments are effectively unitary governments? state governments in respect to local governments
What system of government has the weakest form of central government? confederations
What is the nature of most confederations today? They tend to be international organizations like the United Nations or European Union.
What do we call the workings of the federal system? intergovernmental relations
When was the United States a Confederation? Under the Second Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation
What is the fundamental thing federalism does to American politics? It decentralizes American politics.
What do the extra layers of government in a federal system provide? More points of access to influence public policy.
How does federalism enhance the power of the judiciary? Debates on what government decides a given policy requires an umpire to determine the matter: the courts are that umpire
What are issues concerning federalism nowadays? abortion, desegregation, speed limits...
What types of public policies are States usually responsible for? social, family, and moral issues
Who are the policy innovators in our Federal System? the states
What areas have states been active in recent reforms? health care, education, welfare
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