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NCLEX Med Surg

Nclex questions for Med surg

An african Amer. pt is admitted 2 t/ nursing home. T/ DNS sks t/ charge nurse 2 describe t/ beliefs of an African American in regard to sickness. illness is a disharmonious state that may be caused by demons and spirits
A hispanic Amer brings her child to the clinic for an examination. Which of the following is important when gathering data about the child touching the child during the examination
A nurse is reading a NP's progress note and reads the words "insensible fluid loss of approx 800 ml/da." The nurse understand s the loss to come from? Skin Sensible - aware of Insensibl - are not
A nurse is reviewing the health records of assigned pts. Which o the patients below is at most risk for fluid Vol? Pt with colostomy (fluid going out)
A nurse is caring for a ct who has been taking diuretics on a LT basis. A FVD is suspected. inreased specific gravity of the urine [con urine] great there 1.03
A nurse is checking an IV site. The site is cool, pale and swollen. The IV has stopped running. The nurse thinks what? Infiltration
A nurse is checking the insertion site of a warm peripheral IV. There is redness, warmth and edema. The pt says it hurts. The nurse interprets that this most likely is due to? Phlebitis of the vein
The nurse assigned to an elderly pt with hearing loss understands that elderly Responds to low pitched tones
A nurse is carrying 4 a pt w/ herpes zoster. Which of the following characteristics would the nurse expect to see? Clustered Skin vesicles
A pt returns to the cilnic one week post biopsy of a suspcious lesion. The biopsy report indicated melanoma. The nurse understands the following describes the caracteristic of this lesion is highly metastatic
A nursei s instructing a ct to perform testicular self examination (TSE).what instruction would the nurse give the best time for the examination is after a shower
a pt with bladder cancer is receiving cisplatin (platinol) and vincristine (oncovin). The nurse udnerstands that the purpose of adminstering these meds is decrease mnedication resistance and reduce medication toxicity
Following several diagnostic tests, a ct is diagnosd with diabetes insipidus. The nurse udnerstand that which symptom is indicative of this disorder? Polydipsia
a nurse is caring for a pt after thyroidectomy & notes that calcium gluconate is prescribed. This medication is prescribed for Treat hypocalcemia tetany
A nurse reinforces instruction to a pt taking levothyroxin (synthroid). The nurse determines that the teaching was effective if the ct states that he or she will take the medication on an empty stomach
A nurse is caring for a pt w/ acute pancreatitis & a history of ETOH. which complication would be a sign of paralytic ileus inability to pass flatus
a pt is going 4 barium swallow the n ext day which instruction r/t pre test information should the n urse give the pt? Remove all metal and jewelry
a nse is teaching the ct about an upcoming colonoscopy. Th nurse trells the patient that he/she will be palced in what positions? Left sims
a nurse is preparing to administer albuterol (proventil) to a ct. The nurse checks for which condition before and during therapy respiratory distress
a nurse is assisting in caring for a ct who is receiving a dose of naloxone (narcan) IV to treat narcotic overdose. Which eq. should be standing by resuscitation
a pt who has dx of CAD come 2 th clinic with flu like sx. while @ the clinic, the pt gets chest pain, which ? would best help the nurse discriminate pain caused by heawrt or noncardiac source? Does the pain gest worse when you breath in?
A nurse is collecting data fr. a pt with heart failure. The nurse reviews the order and expects 2 c an order for? Digoxin ( lanoxin)
A nurse is caring for a pt with right sided hewart failure. The nurse would expect to see dependent edema
A pt is takign dig. His serum K+ is 3. The nurse looks at the labs knowing that the therapeutic level of dig is 0.5-2.0 ng/ml
A pt who has a history of gout is dx with urolithiasis. The stones are uric acid type. The n urse tells the pt to limit the intake of what food? liver
A nuse is collecting data fr. a pt with a hx of BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy). the nurse asks the pt if he has this early sign of BPH? Decreased force of stream of urine
The pt is prescribed trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole (bactrim). The nurse tells the pt 2 report the follwing symptoms sore throat
a ct cision is tested with the snellen chart. The results of the test r reported as 20/60. The nurse interprets this as The ct can read at a distance of 20 feet what a cliet with normal vision an read at 60 feet
a nurse is assigned 2 care for a pt following cataract extraction. The nurse plans to position the ct. On the non operative side
a pt is dx with glaucoma. What data gathered by the nurse indicates a risk factor associated with glaucoma? cardiovascular disease
A ct was seen & treated in the ER for tx of a concussion. The nurse determines that the family n eeds reinforcement of the discardge instruction fi they verbalize to call the doctor for which of the cts s/s? minor head ache
a [pt has crutchfield tongs. The nruse would avoid which of the following in providng care? removing the weights to reposition the pt
a ct w/ possible rib fracture is going 2 have a chest xray. The nurse would tell the ct this jewelry & other metal objects need to be removed during xray
a pt post left below the knee amputation tells the nurse, "I think I am going crazy. I can feel my left foot itching." The nurse inteprets the pts statesment as a normal resposen & indicates presence of phantom limb sensation
a nurse is minotring a pt receiving baclofen (lioresal) for SE. Which of the following would indicate the pt is experiencing a SE? drowsiness
A ct si suspected of having systemic lupus Erythematosis. The nurse monitors the ct knowing that which of the following is a characteristic sign of SLE? Rash on face across the bridge of the nose and on the cheeks
A nurse is collecting data on a ct who has an allergy to latex. Determining the cts risk factos associated w/ the ct about an allergy to whihc food item? Bananas
A nurse assists in developing a plan of care for a ct with hyperparathyroidism receiving calcitonin (calcimar). Which outcome has the highest priority regarding this medication? Reaching normal serum calicum levels
A nurse is providing surgical instruction to a preoperative pt. Which instruction would be most appropriate to include in the teaching coughing and deep breathing exercises
The pt with type 1 diabetes is to begin an exercise program. The n urse reinforces what instructions Take CBG before exercising
a nurse is ibtaiing a health hx fr a ct & is collecting data regarding the risk factos assoc with osteoporosis. Which piece of data reported by the ct places the ct at low risk for osteoporosis Consumption of high calcium diet
a nurse reinforces home care instruction to a ct with systemic lupus erythematosus SLE which statement by the ct indicates a need for further instructions about the measure to manage fatigue? I shoudl take ah ot bath in the morning
a ct who received a dose of chemotherapy 12 hrs ago is incont of urine while i bed. To be safe the nruse wars which of the followin when cleaning the ct? Gown and gloves
an older ct in LT care facility is at risk for injury bc confusion. Bc the cts gait is stable, which method of restraint if prescribed would be best used byt he nurse to prevent injury to the ct Alarm activating bracelet
a nurse is suctioning the airway of a ct with tracehostomy. To safely perform the procedure the nurse should do which of the following insert the catheter until coughing or resistance is felt
a nurse is changing a drsg on a venous stasis ulcer that is clean and has a growing bed of granulation tissue. The nurse should safeguard would integrity by avoding the use of which of the following drsg materials. wet to dry saline drsg
a nurse is caring for a ct who is scheduel to have an arthrogram using a contrast dye. Which data collected by the nurse is highest prioirty? allergy to iodine or shellfish
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