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PRV290- Terms

Construction terms

Structural System utilizing members that when fastened together, resemble the letter A An A-Frame
A curved structure, supports itself and spans an opening An Arch
Fire resistant sheet made from Asbestos fibre and portland cement Asbestos Board
What is an Ashlar? Masonry utilizing cut, squared stone
What is a conduit? Round, cross section electrical raceway of metal or plastic for running wires in.
A vertical Supporting member is a: Column
A buttress does what? Supports vertical masonary walls, usually larger at the base, projects from the wall
A Chord in construction is... The top or bottom member of a truss
A truss is: A structurual unit of members fastened in triangular arrangement, for support of long spans of decks and roofs.
Weep holes do what? Allow moisture to release from masonary cavity walls. They are small holes.
What is constructed from preassembled plywood and 2x4s, commonly used in contemporary floor framming? A Wood I-beam (sometimes pronounced Wood-eye)
What is a Vestibule? A small entrance or lobby for a house, or office.
How much is a square of material? In Roofing, it is 10'x10' or 100 square feet of roofing.
What is a sill? A horizontal exterior member below a window or door opening. In frame construction, it is the lowest structural member to rest on the foundation...
What is a Rough Opening? Any unfinished opening in the framing of a building.
One board foot is: 1 inch thick by 12 inches wide by 1 foot long (1" x 12" x 12")
A building line is: The centre line of a building on a drawing
A fire cut is: An agular cut at the ends of joists set in masonary walls
A joist... Id a stuctural member, directly supporting floors, ceilings. It is supported by bearing walls, beams or girders.
A beam is... A horizontal member, usually heavier than a joist...
The note on a drawing, relating a feature, with a leader line is a: A Callout
A circuit is a... Closed wiring or conductor through which an electric current can pass.
An easement is and causes... A legal restriction on a piece of property
Duplex outlet is a.... Electrical wall outlet having two plug receptacles
A gutter is .... A metal or wood trough for carrying rainwater to a downspout
Dimensional lumber is.... Framing lumber that is nominally 2" thick.
Nominal size is... The size of lumber before dressing, rather than the actual or finished size... Typically 2" thick...
Pitch is the... Slope of the roof, usually expressed in a ratio.
Anchor Bolt is a.... A threaded bolt anchored in masonry foundations to fasten a wood sill plate
A type of fibre glass insulation designed to be installed between framing members Batt or Batt insulation
A beam is.... a horizontal member- usually heavier than a joist in size/ wt
Bench mark is... mark on some permanent object fixed to the ground from which land measurements and elevations are taken
An Atrium is... An open court within a building
Board measure is... a system of lumber measurement. The unit is 1 bd ft- which is 1 ft square by 1 inch thick
Collar beam is a Horizontal member tying opposing rafters below the roof ridge.
A vertical supporting member is a... Column
A projecting beam or structural member anchored at only one end is a.. Cantilever beam
Dry wall construction is... Interior wall covering other than plaster- usually referred to a gypsum board or wall board
Facade is the... Face or front elevation of a building
A dead load is a... Weight of the structure and all permanent installed components
A vertical opening used to allow smoke and gases to excape, such as within a chimney is a... Flue
A hose bibb is a... Water faucet made for the threaded attachment of a hose- these are usually plumbed through the masonry wall to the exterior of a house
A knee wall is a... Low wall in an upper story- resulting from one-and-a-half story construction
Nominal size is used in... Size of lumber before dressing- rather than its actual or finished size
Pitch is the... slope of the roof- usually expressed as a ratio of rise over run
Quoins are used in... Large squared store or brick masonry set in the corners of buildings for architectural style. Gaelic for corner stone...
A saddle in construction is... A small gable roof placed in back of a chimney on a sloping roof to shed water and debris. It is also called a cricket
The Span is a.... Horizontal distance between supports for joists, beams or trusses
A truss is a... Structural unit of members fastened together in triangular arrangements to form a rigid framework to support over long spans
A story is a... Space between two floors of a building. This is where we live in a house.
CMU is... Concrete Masonry Unit
Above floor finish abbr: AFF
Architect abbr: ARCH
ACT is the abbrv. for: Acoustical Ceiling Tile
Water table is... The level of subsurface water. In building construction; it is the horizontal member extending from the surface of an exterior wall to throw rainwater away from the wall.
CLG is the abbrv for: Ceiling
BM is the abbrv for: Beam
The abbrv. for Cast Conrete is.. C CONC
CJ is the abbrv for:... Control Joint or Construction Joint
CFM is the abbrv. for: Cubic Feet per Minute- usually associated with the flow of air in a building.
DW is the abbrv. for: Dish Washer
DWG isthe abbrv. for:.. Drawing
EXIST is the abbrv for: Existing- this is used to indicate pre-existing building as opposed to the new building we add in construction
DH is the abbrv. for: Double Hung - usually in terms of a door or window
GPM is the abbrv. for: Gallons Per Minute- usually in reference to water- ie well water flow or some feedstock
GYP is the abbrv. for:.. Gypsum- usually in reference to gypsum board used in a house
The abbrv. for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning HVAC
OC is the abbrv. for: On-Centre
The abbrv. for Sanitary is: SAN- Usually associated with Sanitary Sewer, where waste goes out of the house or building after flushing
TOB and TOS refer to: Top of Beam and To[ of Slab- Used to indicate for building different elevations or heights
ANSI is the abbrv for: American national Standards Institute
The Abbrv. for American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM
This is a ... Sprinkler
Created by: TimLucas-Seneca
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