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General Sci mod 8

A fossil considered to represent a certain period in earth's past Index fossils
A theoretical picture in which layers of rocks from around the world are meshed together into a single, unbroken record of earths past Geological column
A theory which states that all of life on this earth has a single, common ancestor that existed a long time ago The Theory of Evolution
Unconformities which have been "disguised" so that they do not look like an unconformity at all but are assumed by uniformitarians to exist. Paraconformity
A. The geological column is built on Evolution but there is no evidence towards evolution. B. Cannot explain fossil graveyards with fossils from multiple varying climates. 1&2 0f 4 Uniformitarian problems
C. We don't know whether the index fossils in the geological collumn are extinct or not. D. Paraconformities are a problem because they offer no evidence to back themselves up. 3&4 of 4 Uniformitarian problems
A. not yet offer a clear description of how unconformities can exist between certain rock layers formed in the flood. 1/3 problems with Catastrophism
B. limestone formations that appear to be formed slowly under natural conditions, Noah's flood wasn't natural, causing a problem for Catastrophists. 2/3 problems with Catastrophism
C. Too much limestone to be laid down at once stretching over vast regions of the earth. 3/3 problems with Catastrophism
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