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Ecology - JC

any spatial or organizational unit composed of a living and nonliving component where in there is a transfer of materials between the two ecosystem
what are the five groups of living things? plants, animals, fungi, protista, and moafran
what are examples of nonliving things? H2O, O2, N2, & CO2
What are all animal life? consumers (heterotroph)
what do plants do? take light and energy and make it into glucose
what are plants? producers
any spatial or organizational unit composed of a living and nonliving component where in there is a transfer of materials between the two ecosystem
to be able to perpetuate, to keept going sustainable
what are the four components of sustainability? maintains biodiversity, energy comes from the sun, matter is recycled, consumer populations are kept in check so that overgrazing doesn't occur
are human ecosystems sustainable? no
when nature decides what breeds with what natural selection
to breed a creature with certain characteristics human selection
lead to change from exposure from chemicals genetic mutation
the three things that a creature will do when threatened with change adapt, migrate, perish
that area where life exists; 10 miles thick; no living thing can live outside of it biosphere
a systematic approach to answering questions or solving problems scientific method
body of knowledge that explains natural phenomenon and a method for obtaining that knowledge science
any living thing organism
study of organisms and the environment ecology
scientists who study the interactions that occur within the biosphere ecologists
occurs between members of the same species intraspecies interactions
occurs between members of different species interspecies interactions
the study of human interactions with the environment environmental science
information gathered directly through the senses, measurements, or experiments observation
observations that describe something qualitative data
obtained through direct measurements quantitative data
the study of living organisms in their natural setting fieldwork
uses a representative portion of a population to determine a single characteristic of the entire population sampling
proposed solution to the problem or answer to the question hypothesis
one way to test a hypothesis experimentation
a logical explanation based on the data gathered and verified by many others scientists theory
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