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Southmoore-Green Book Unit 1B

dux ducis leader M.
frater fratris brother M.
lux lucis light F.
mater matris mother F.
nomen nominis name N.
pater patris father M.
potestas potestatis power F.
salus salutis health F.
soror sororis sister F.
toga togae toga F.
acer, acris, acre X sharp, keen, fierce
humilis,humile X low, humble
nobilis, nobile X noble
omnis, omne X all, every
par X equal
plus, pluris X more
respondeo, respondere respondi, responsus to answer, reply
rogo, rogare rogavi, rogatus to ask
servo, servare servavi, servatus to guard, protect, save
alienus, a, um X strange, foreign
alius, a, um X other, another
alter, altra, altrum X the other
gravis, grave X serious, heavy
iustus, a, um X just
levis, leve X light
neuter, neutra, neutrum X neither
nullus, a, um X none
secundus, a, um X second
solus, a, um X only, alone
totus, a, um X all
ullus, a, um X any
unus, a,um X one
uter, utra, utrum X which
condicio condicionis condition F.
Created by: southmoore