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Ante Before
Anti Against
Bi Two
Circum Around
Com Together
Antecedent an event ,circumstance,object that happen before the war
Antebellum before the war
Anterior situated before or at front of
Ante Meridian before noon
Antibody molecules in your body which fight against germs and viruses
Anticlimax an event that is less important or striking than expected, making it disappointing.
Antithesis The direct opposite of something
Antisocial unwilling or unable to asssociate in a normal , friendly way with other people
Bilateral involving 2 sides
Bicycle a vehicle with 2 wheels in tandem
bimonthly occuring either twice a month or every 2 months
bipartison representingor including members of 2 different parties or factions
circumnavigate to go or maneuver around, especially in regards to sailing or steering a ship
Circumspect watchful and discreet
Circumvent to go around or avoid
Combination a number of things combined or brought together
Comfort to console,reassure
complete having all parts or elements;lacking nothing(whole)
Compatible capable of exiting or living together in harmony
Created by: margie112
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