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Third Conj. Verbs

Stack #67308

curro, currere, cucurri, cursum to run
gemo, gemere, gemui, gemitum to groan
lego, legere, legi, lectum to read
scribo, scribere, scripsi,scriptum to write
cado, cadere, cecidi, casum to fall
peto, petere, petivi, petitum to look for, seek, head for, aim at, attack
coquo, coquere, coxi, coctum to cook
duco, ducere, duxi, ductum to lead, take, bring
trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum to hand over
consulo, consulere, consului, consultum to consult
induo, induere, indui, indutum to put on
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessum to go away, depart
cado, cadere, cecidi, casum to fall
gero, gerere, gessi, gestum to wear
pono, ponere, posui, positum irreg. to put, place
ago, agere, egi, actum to do, drive
quiesco, quiescere, quievi, quietum to rest, keep quiet
concido, concidere, concidi to fall down
extraho, extrahere, extraxi, extractum to drag out, take out
verto, vertere, verti, versum to turn
deverto, deverte, deverti, deversum to turn aside
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusum to play
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictum to leave behind (root word relinquish)
confido, confidere, --, --, + dat. to give trust to, to trust
vinco, vincere, vici, victum to conquer, to win, to be victorious
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausum to shut
occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursum + dat. to meet, to encounter
advesperascit, advesperascere, advesperavit, irreg. to get dark
praecurro, praecurrere, praecurri, praecursum to run ahead
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitum to recognize
dico, dicere, dixi, dictum to say, to tell (dictate, contradiction, indictment)
emo, emere, emi, emptum to buy
ascendo, ascendere, ascendi, ascensum to climb (into)
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptum to take, to take up
colo, colere, colui, cultum to cultivate
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutum to decide
pluit, pluere, pluit, ---, to rain
descendo, descendere, descendi, descensum to come, to go down, to climb down
conduco, conducere, conduxi, conductum to hire
consido, considere, consedi, --- to sit down
Created by: jennie