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EP Chapter 1

Environmental Problems

Renewable/Nonrenewable resources 3 examples of each
When humans have altered their habitats all time periods
Results of Industrial Revolution shift to fossil fuels, improved quality of life, growth of cities, most environmental problems began (pollution, destroy habitat, rapid population growth)
Fields of study involved in environmental science Biology, Earth science, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry
Developing/Developed Countries examples, characterisitcs, Developed
Environmental Science humans effect on the environment, smog, loss of plant and animal species, study fossil fuel depletion
Biodiversity necessary because humans depend on others for food and oxygen, number and variety of living things in an area
Ecology study of the environment, how living things interact with nonliving environment
Agricultural Revolution plants and animals were domesticated
Biodegradable/Nonbiodegradable newspaper is biodegradable, but can pollute if it builds up to fast
Man made substances causing damage
Tragedy of the Commons conflict between individuals and society, protecting shared resources
Law of Supply and Demand supply declines, price increases, describes availability and worth of resources
Ecological Footprint amount of land and ocean area needed to support one person, US leaves largest
Cost Benefit Analysis
Sustainability maintain standard of living without depleting resources
Hunter Gatherer
Rainforest Graph
Created by: evroman