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Ghost Cadet ch 1-2

vocabulary 1-2

speaking wildly, wxtravagantly, violently, or noisily ranting
actual existence; true state of affairs reality
victoriously; successful triumphantly
glowing aglow
in an injured way resentfully
leaned suddenly to one side; staggered lurched
well-known or important; easy to see prominently
very large; huge; vast immense
uneasy because if thoughts or fears of what may happen anxious
replied quickly retorted
the feeling that one has at being injured or insulted; indignation resentment
not voluntary; not done of one's own free will involuntary
much worn; old and neglected shabby
close examination scrutiny
restoring to confidence reassuring
a good change; favorable time; convienient occasion opportunity
made nervous and excited; confused flustered
Created by: kimporter