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Stack #672097

formal classes in religious instruction catechism
to shake with a slight, rapid movenment quiver
to continue to stay; delay leaving linger
harmony or agreement; as with one voice unison
fit to be seen by people presentable
to think of without confidence or trust mistrust
empty; lacking interest or charm barren
to return to life or consciouness revive
to crouch or shrink fownin fear cower
blessing; something good given by God providence
brave; courageous valiant
a comfort consolation
in a clever way that is meant to trick or decleve cunningly
a predicition of the future propecy
rooms and food, especially in a hotel or on a ship or train acommodations
very first trip maiden voyage
next to or in contact with adjoining
for an unlimited length of time indefinitely
not excessive or extreme; average moderate
something new, original, or unusal novelty
an order in which aarranged or events happened sequence an order in which aarranged or events
deciding on the contentg of a publication editing
Created by: izzy206