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nursing abbrev

a.c. before meals
B.I.D. twice a day
S.L. sublingual
O.S. left eye
(R) right
p.c. after meals
s ( - over) without
Q.D. everyday (NOT)
Q.O.D. every other day (NOT)
ss one half
stat at once
supp. suppository
Q.I.D. four times a day
R.N. registered nurse
gtt drop
ml milliliter
gr grain
s/p status post
L liter
a ( - over) before
amb ambulate
post posterior
BM bowel movement
CC chief complaint
c/o complains of
c (- over) with
H.S. at bedtime
O.D. right eye
O.U. both eye
vag vaginal
Q.H. every hour (NOT)
Q.H.S. every night (NOT)
nightly every night
Rx prescription
mcg micrograms
susp suspension
T.I.D. three times a day
tr tincture
prn as needed
mg milligram
c.c./cc cubic centimeter (NOT)
f/u follow up
ad lib as desired
NPO nothing by mouth
abd abdomen
ant anterior
AP anterior - posterior
cap capsules
cm centimeter
C & S culture and sensitivity
dr dram
dsg dressing
dx diagnosis
elix elixir
HOB head of bed
hr hour
Hx history
I & O intake and output
lat lateral
LLQ left lower quadrant
LOC level of consciousness
LUQ left upper quadrant
m minim
mEq milliequivalent
ug microgram (NOT)
mcg microgram
min minute
mm millimeter
NC nasal cannula
noc night
@ at
OOB out of bed
os mouth
OTC over the counter
oz ounce
p (lower case) after
capital P pulse
PCN penicillin
PE physical exam
PERRLA pupils equal, round, react to light and accommodation
PO by mouth
qam every morning
qs quantity sufficient
q 2 h every 2 hours
q 3 h every 3 hours
RLQ right lower quadrant
RUQ right upper quadrant
R/O rule out
ROM range of motion
SOB short of breath
Sx symptoms
tab tablet
tbsp tablespoon
temp temperature
TPN total parenteral nutrition
TPR termperature, pulse, respirations
tsp teaspoon
U unit (NOT)
unit unit
UA urinalysis
VO verbal order
Vol volume
VS vital signs
yr year
> greater than
less than
= equal
not equal
SC or subq subcutaneous (NOT)
O2 oxygen
NS normal saline (0.9%)
ADA American Diabetic Association
ADL activities of daily living
BRP bathroom privileges
BSC bedside commode
CA cancer
CAD coronary artery disease
CBC complete blood count
CHF congestive heart failure
CMS circulation, motion & sensation
COPD cerebrovascular accident
DAT diet as tolerated
DC discontinue (NOT)
EENT eyes, ears, nose, and throat
ER emergency room
ETOH alcohol
FBS fasting blood sugar
FOB foot of bed
H & H hemoglobin & hematocrit
HA headache
HOH hard of hearing
HTN hypertension
IS incentive spirometer
KVO keep vein open
NAS no added salt
NKA no known allergies
NWB non-weight bearing
PT physical therapy; or prothrombin time
PWB partial weight bearing
TWB total weight bearing
URI upper respiratory infection
UTi urinary tract infection
WC wheel chair
Q every
CVA cerebrovascular accident
Created by: palmerag