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Act Science


format 35 questions 40 minutes
passages 7
answers right on the page
basic skills elementary problems based on difficult situations
graphs most questions come from collecting data in graphs
calculations Most of the time calculations are not needed
Process of elimination Use as a fall back strategy
Reading Pre read the passage and consider the questions
Length passages are short and should average each 5 minutes
Structure Introduction and a graph or introduction and 2 disagreeing scientists
Active reading Read in context and apply it to real life
Understanding Re read the question for clarification and understand what it is asking
Figure interpretation questions referring back to graphs; easiest part
Pattern questions Medium difficulty, look beyond the data
Scientific interpretation questions Hardest, based on text versus the figures
Mixing up units Dont mix up units. ex. decreases with increases
Paraphrasing paraphrase the info to comprehend better
Reversal Make sure the words are not reversal words such as not or except
Trends look for patterns && trends
Vocab Know what the scientific terms mean
Created by: Re't_15