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Hatchet short handled ax
kindling small pieces of wood or other material for starting fires
quills sharp, hollw spines on the back of the porcupine
shelter a place that provides protection from the weather
slithering sliding, slpping movement
survival preservation of one's life
terrified extremely frightened
frustration discouragment and irritation from not being able to achieve one's goal
musty having a stale, moldy smell
rasping rough scratchy sound
How does brian become injured? when a porcupine shoot quills at him when he throws his hatchet at it.
How could he have avoided getting hurt? By NOT throwing the hatchet at the porcupine.
After the attack, Brian learns the most imortant rule for survival. What was that? feeling sorry for yourself does not work.
How Brian gets his idea for starting a fire? When he saw the sparks from the hatchet as it hits the stone, he realizes ha could use such a spark to.
Brian feels overwhelmed by the rush of confused thoughts that he has. What does he tell himself to calm down? To take things one at a time and to keep his thoughts short.
How does Brian solve the problem of how to start a fire? By blowing slowly to the sparks into the kindling.
Give three ideas on how Brian can start a fire. 1. strike the hatchet on a rock to create a spark. 2. Strike two rocks together to create a spark. 3. Strike the hatchet on the coins to make spark.
What was the name of Brian's best friend Terry
what is the most important rule of survival? Not feeling sorry for yourself
What does Brian means by "I have a friend call fire" that the fire has the same qualities of a friend, like protection and warmth
Who is Brian going to visit his dad
What details show Brian is nervous? He heard a slithering noise and not knowing what it was he threw the hatchet at it. He was in pain when the porcupine shoot its squills at him.
Why do you think the author decided to set this scene in total darkness? total darkness makes the impression of solitary dangerous place.
What do you think is causing the pain in Brian's leg? Explain pain form the porcupine squills on his leg
What does Brian learn about feeling sorry for himself? It does NOT work
How does the author show Biran's frustration with his dream about Terry? He did not know what he was trying to tell him
Why should Brian not have thrown his hatchet? Because whaen he thow the hatchet the pocupine shoot its quills to Brian's leg.
Suppose Brian had not dreamed about Terry and his father. Woul Brian still figure out a way to make a fire? Explain Yes, because when he threw the hatchet and hit the stone he saw the sparks.
What does the author mean by the sentece "Brian found it was a long way from sparks to fire". Becasue he had to try many ways before finnally making fire.
Why does Brian think the sparks are starving? The fire needs more wood to be alive.
How well do you think Brian is dealing with the challenges he faces? Give examples Brian is learning how to survive. He found a shelter, he made fire, he stayed calm.
What details does the author include to show tha Brian's mood has changed? First he was frightened, then he was frustrated (he yelled), and when he got the fire he was calm and happy (smile on his face)
Created by: jyvissepo


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