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ChinesePod - D1742

ChinesePod: Upper Intermediate, Detective Li and the Bloody Love Triangle

報案 bàoàn report a case to the security authorities
一連串 yīliánchuàn a line of
腳印 jiǎoyìn footprint
煤氣 méiqì gas
事發地點 shìfādìdiǎn scene of the incident
維持 wéichí to maintain
秩序 zhìxù order, peace
斷斷續續 duànduànxùxù intermittent
連接 liánjiē to link
預感 yùgǎn feeling, premonition
血腥 xuèxīng bloody
gōng for
密閉 mìbì airtight, sealed
血跡 xuèjì bloodstained
明火 mínghuǒ open flame
zhuàng to force
撲來 pūlái to rush out
刺鼻 cìbí pungent
煤氣味 méiqìwèi smell of gas
白凈 báijìng fair-skinned
液化氣 yèhuàqì liquefied gas
辨認 biànrèn to recognize
內臟 nèizàng intestines
破壞 pòhuài to destroy
暴露 bàolù to reveal
慘狀 cǎnzhuàng horrible scene
to cover
quàn to comfort
惡劣 èliè odious, terrible
衝擊 chōngjī to shock, to astonish
聯想 liánxiǎng association, link
悲慘 bēicǎn tragic
刺耳 cìěr unpleasant to hear
刺眼 cìyǎn unpleasant to look at
Created by: chibitrochan
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