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Russell-Unit 1 Other

celeriter quickly
cur? why?
duo two
ecce! look!, behold!
ego I
eheu! alas!, woe!
et and
euge! well done!, bravo!
eum him
facile easily
ferociter fiercely, boldly
fortiter bravely, firmly
frustra in vain
heri yesterday
hic this
hodie today
iam now, already
igitur therefore
ille that
intente intently
iterum again
minime no
mox soon
nihil nothing
non not
nos we, us
nunc now
olim once (upon a time)
optime excellently
paene almost
paulisper a little while
postquam after, afterwards
quam than
quis? who?
quod because
quoque also, too
saepe often
salve hello
satis enough
sed but
semper always
statim immediately
subito suddenly
tacite quietly, silently
tamen nevertheless
tres three
tu you
tum then, next
ubi where
unus one
valde very much
vale farewell, goodbye
vehementer violently, strongly
vos you all
Created by: jeremaius