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CR Terminology

General Court Reporting Terminology

antritust laws federal and state statutes to protect trade and commerce from unlawful restrains, prior discriminations, price fixing, and monopolies
bench conference a conversation held by attorneys with a judge out of the hearing of the jury, may also be called a sidebar
certificate page the last page to appear within a transcript, dated and signed by the court reporter who took the matter, attesting that the transcript is true and accurate
certified question a question extraced from a deposition and transcribed by the reporter to be taken to a judge havingt jurisdiction in the matter for a ruling
confidentiality professional responsibility of reporter to neot disclose testimony to others; confidentiality extends to scopists, transcribers, and office staff
elements of transcript title, index, stipulations, body, exhibits, certificate
errata page a page separate from the transcript upon which a deponent is permitted to correct any errors he or she claims are present in a transcript
exhibit material items of physical evidence introduced by attorneys to corroborate and conform oral testimony or to introduce new evidence, which are marked for identification so they can be discussed
Federal Rule 30 a portion of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which defines matters pertinent to the taking of depositions
freelance reporter self-employed reporter or one who works for an agency to report depositions and other proceedings as a subcontractor
impartiality professional responsibility of reporter to be fair and unbiased to each participant in a proceeding and to be alert to and disclose any potential conflict of interest
interpreted proceedings proceedings in which a non-English speaking witness tersifies through an interpreter follwoing an oath administer to the interpreter that he or she will truly interpret the testimony for the witness
litigation support services extra services an individual reporter or agency offers clients, including instant viewing, ASCII disk, keywork indexing, condensed transcript, and print options
oath a form of attestation by which a person calls upon his god to witness truth of his testimony, called affirmation when all reference to god is omitted; also referred to as swearing the witness
off the record during a deposition, a discussion held by attorneys which is not reported; requires agremeent of all attorneys present
official reporter a reporter who works in a courtoom setting or does reporting for governmental agencies
parenthetical notation an expression or statement added to a transcript by the reporter to explain non-verbal situations or movements which occur during a proceeding
professionalism having high standards in one's career, the ability to work with great skill, and treating all persons in a fair, impartial, and unbiased manner
protective order an order issued by a court to permit one party to temporarlity hold back certain documents or information or to protect a person from harassment or service of process, may also be used when interrogatores or requests for production are oppresive/burdensom
readback when a court reporter is requested to read back what was just said
reporter's worksheet court reporters information sheet that has all the notes taken by the reporter
rought draft transcript a transcript which is not fully edited and may contain errors
style of the deposition the title or style of the cse includes the names of the parties, the venue of the matter, and the case number may also be called the caption or the heading
voir dire attorney examination of potential jurors
witness setup proper transcription of the namne of a witness as it appears within the transcript and the oath taken by the witness
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