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Lab Safety Review

A teacher should always be present whenever you are working in the lab. True
Safety goggles or glasses must be worn at all times while doing experiments in the lab. True
Playing with the eyewash or shower safety equipment is permitted when your teacher leaves the room. False
Drinks and food are permitted at the lab tables as long as you have finished your experiment and cleaned up. False
You should notify your teacher immediately in the event of an injury to yourself or others, even if it is just a little scrape or cut. true
Odors are best detected by placing your nose directly over the opening of a chemical container. False
Long hair should be tied back whenever using the bunsen burners or other flames. true
The teacher should be notified of all chemical spills or breakage of equipment, unless they are very minor. False
It is OK to occasionally taste substances in the laboratory to determine their identity. False
Always shake down your thermometer to zero degrees celsius before using it. False
If glassware is broken by accident, report it to your teacher then throw it away in the broken glass bucket True
If a student burns her hand, she should call to the teacher and immediately put it under cold running water. True
When the gas valve is at a 90 degree angle to the gas nozzle, the gas is on and your bunsen burner may be lit. False
The yellow flame is the best for heating with the bunsen burner. Adjust the air until you get this. False
When a test tube is being heated, its mouth should be pointed away from everyone. True
Acid spills can be cleaned up with a chemical spill pad or sand. True
Only materials and equipment for experiments authorized by your teacher should be used in the lab. True
Electronic equipment should only be used if the lab tables are clean and dry. True
Chemicals can be measured out directly onto the pan of the balance. False
To test if liquid is water, taste it. False
It is usually safe to mix chemicals to see what will happen. False
You should always clean up your lab area and wash your hands before leaving class. True
All liquids from experiments can be poured down the sink. False
First aid for chemicals in the eye is to rinse using the eyewash station. True
If your clothes catch on fire; stop, drop, and roll. True
If you see someone else being unsafe in the lab, don't worry about it. False
Always carring a balance by the measuring arm. False
Never leave a lit bunsen burner unattended. True
Safetly glasses may be worn when working with chemicals that may splash in your eye. False
Your lab table should always be kept clear of all materials except what it is needed for the experiment. True
Report any spill or breakage to your teacher right away....before you try to clean it up! True
Keep all electrical cords away from the edge of the table b/c they can get caught on people passing by. True
Where are the chemical spill kits located? Along the side near the front of the room
Where is the first aid kit located? Along the side near the front of the room
Where is the emergency gas shutoff located? front of the room
Where are the fire blankets located? in the front and along the side near the back of the room
Where is the container for broken glass located? back of the room
The emergency shower and eye wash station are located where? along the side near the back of the room
It safe and proper procedure to shake down a lab thermometer to lower the temp before you use it again. False
When you are transferring liquids , _______ to _______ is the safest technique to use for most liquids lip to lip
When transferring acids you should pour the acid down a ___________- into the container stirring rod
Always pour Acids into Water True
What are the two things you must do to the balance to zero it? 1) setting all the sliding weights to 0 2) adjusting the knob on the end
Place the unknown on which side of the balance? the left side
It is acceptable to use the same spatula to transfer different chemicals False - you will contaminate them
Before you leave the lab make sure your equipment is clean and put away and your lab station is clean and dry. True
DO NOT put anything under the sink nozzle before you turn it on True
Always use tongs or heat resistant gloves when you are handling hot equipment in lab True
List the 5 steps to lighting the bunsen burner (1)Close both air and gas valves (2)Open gas 1 turn and air ΒΌ of the way (3)Turn gas on (handle aligned with nozzle) (4)Light with flint striker close to top of burner (5)Adjust oxygen valve to get blue flame
Where is the hottest part of the bunsen burner flame At the tip of the inner blue flame
What is the broken glass container used for? Holding broken glass so it is not put into the trash where it could cut someone.
What is the safety fire blanket used for? To smother out flames on a person.
What is the fire extinguisher used for? To put out fires that are not on a person.
What is the emergency shower used for? To rinse chemicals off of a person.
What is the emergency eye wash used for? To rinse chemicals out of a persons eyes (which should never happen with goggles!!!)
How do you know when to use goggles and when to use glasses? Goggles must be used with chemicals or liquids which could splash into your eyes.
How do you safetly transfer a liquid from one container to another. Pour it lip to lip. If it is an acid, pour it down a stirring rod.
How do you safely smell something in the lab Waft it! Use your hand to draw a little of the smell towards your nose.
How do your correctly read a volume from a graduated cylinder Get down on eye level with the liquid level and read from the bottom of the meniscus.
Created by: katiesmith
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