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Southmoore-Green Book Unit 1A

liberi liberorum children M.
negotium negotii business N.
officium officii duty N.
populus populi people M.
servus servi servant M.
vir viri man M.
durus, a, um X harsh
pauci, ae, a x few
appello, appellare appellavi, appellatus to call, name
doceo, docere docui, doctus to teach
habeo, habere habui, habitus to have
navigo, navigare navigavi, navigatus to sail
obtineo, obtinere obtinui, obtentus to hold, obtain
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentus to hold
timeo, timere timui, ------ to be afraid
ira irae anger F.
labor laboris work M.
legatus legati ambassador M.
mensis mensis month M.
munus muneris duty, gift N.
urbs urbis city F.
vis vis force F.
vox vocis voice F.
consisto, consistere constiti, constiturus to stand still, stop
contendo, contendere contendi, contentus to struggle, hasten
haereo, haerere haesi, haesus to stick cling to
insto, instare institi, ------- to threaten
opprimo, opprimere oppressi, oppressus to overcome, oppress
ostendo, ostendere ostendi, ostentus to show
pervenio, pervenire perveni, perventurus to arrive
prohibeo, prohibere prohibui, prohibitus to prevent
puto, putare putavi, putatus to think
scio, scire scivi, scitus to know
sentio, sentire sensi, sensus to feel, perceive
filius filii son M.
Created by: southmoore