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Unit 4, Weeks 1-3

camouflage a kind of covering that makes something look much like its surroundings
adopt to take something for your own
domestic tame and kept by humans
feral gone back to the original wild condition after being domesticated
nurture to bring up and care for a child or other living thing
tame to make gentle and no longer wild
transform to change the form or appearance of something
adapt to change yourself; get used to something
confidently with strong beliefs or certainty
dyslexia difficulty reading because the brain has difficulty recognizing letters
persist to keep on doing something; refuse to stop
physical of or about the body
rehabilitation getting something back to normal
successful having the result that you hoped and planned for
confestion when an area is overcrowded
potential an ability or skill that may develop in the future
property something that someone owns; possession
reuse to use again
rural in the country; belonging to the country
salvage to save property or goods from some sort of disaster
suburban just outside the city
urban of or about the cities
Created by: Joan Jenkins