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JM Community Nursing

Community Nursing lag pgs 500-506

Community Nursing Overview Lag pgs 500-505
What is the purpose of public health? To protect, detect illness and promote health for the general public. Focus on aggregate-level interventions-sevices directed at whole age groups or populations at risk. Local,n’tl, or inter n’tl.
What agencies are included at the national & international level of public health? U.S. Dept. of Health & Human services and CDC; international includes WHO.
What is the primary focus of public health nursing? To promote health and prevent disease for entire population groups.
What do public health nurses do? Plan, develops, and support systems and programs in the community to prevent problems and provide access to care.
What is the most effective approach for accomplishing the goal of public health nursing? Identification of subgroups that are at high risk of illness, disability, or premature death, and direct resources toward these groups.
What activities are included in public health? Immunizations; std screening;sanitation;monitoring for communicable disease; violence protection;epidemiology; statistics.
What statistics are gathered by US gov’t and how often? Common morbidity rates;prevalence rate; age-specific death rates; infant mortality rates.
What is morbidity? The rate of incidence of a disease/ a diseased condition or state.
Define common morbidity rates. Incidence & prevalence of disease risk among populations. (crude death rates)
Define incidence rates. Measures the number of new cases identified in a measure of time.
Define prevalence rate. Measures the EXISTING number of cases in a population at a given time or over time.
What is an aggregate? A group that has age characteristics and health concerns in common.
What is the goal of COMMUNITY nursing? Promote and preserve the health of populations by integrating the skills and knowledge relevant to both nursing and public health.
Discuss the practice of community nursing. The practice is comprehensive and general and not limited to a particular age or diagnostic group;continual and IS NOT limited to episodic care.
What is the focus of community health nursing practice? The community as a whole with nursing care of individuals, families, and groups being provided within the context of promoting and preserving the health of the community as a whole.
What does the term community health nurse refer to? Any nurse working within the community (e.g., occupational health nurses, school nurses, hospice nurses, home care nurses.
What is home care defines as by the Nat’l Assoc for Home Care? Health care and social services provided in the home environment to recovering, disabled, or chronically ill pts.
What services are offered in the home? Medical, nursing, SOCIAL, or therapeutic treatment and/or assistance with the essential activities of daily living.
What areas of health promotion/preservation may be included in home care? Health maintenance, education, illness prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, palliative care, and rehab.
Discuss services home health care may provide. Skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical, SOCIAL WORK, speech/language pathology, resp therapy, and PERSONAL CARE SERVICES.
What is the home health nurse role? Provider of home care to the individual AND THE FAMILY.
What is the goal of the home health nurse? To provide direct care, ongoing assessment of the client. Health promotion, maintenance of both family and individual health, and support servies for the dying.Discuss some roles of the nurse in the home.
When might home care services be necessary? Best for people who do NOT need around the clock supervision, pt recently d/c from hospital who are not fully recovered.
Discuss some pts recently d/c that may need home care. Chronic conditions:diabetes, kidney disease,stroke that need freq monitoring&can’t meet own needs;terminal disease;homebound;limited mobility who need help w/adl;relief for a caregiver
Name levels of prevention. Primary, secondary, tertiary.
Discuss primary prevention. Prevention of the initial occurrence of disease or injury.
What activities does primary prevention cover? Immunization;family planning;retirement planning;well-child care;smoking;hygiene;fluoride sup;fitness class;alcohol/durg prevention;car restraints;environmental protection.
Describe secondary prevention. Early identification of disease or disability w/ prompt intervention to prevent or limit disability.
What activities does secondary prevention cover? Physical assessments; HTN screen;developmental screen;breast/testicular self-exams;hearing/visionscreen;mammography;pg test.
Define tertiary prevention. Assistance (AFTER disease/disabilityoccur)tohalt disease progress meetone's potential/maximize quality oflife despite illness or injury,home mgt after diagnosis/chronic illness;support groups;support for caretaker;meals on wheels;P.T. post stroke/accident
What are the activities of tertiary prevention? Teach/counsel life-style changes:diet/exercise, stress mgt.
Read pg 503-504 for Medicare/Medicaid changing home care delivery system legislation in 1965.
Discuss factors that influenced the rapid growth of home care. Increased life expectancy;aging of Americans;rise in chronic illnesses;advances in health care tech;changing nuclear family;impact of DRGs;earlier hospital d/c ; where care is delivered.
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