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Week 1

1. a liquid dose form in an alcohol solution administered orally Elixir
2. a drug suspended within an oil or liquid fat Emulsion
topically applied dose form drug is dissolved in alcohol Tinctures
a drug dose form made from processed animal organs Extract
solid (powdered) dose form covered in gelatin Gel caps
Semisolid dose form that liquifies at body temp Ointment
Sucrose or other sugar-based liquid dose form administered orally Syrup
semisolid dose form that does not melt at body temp Pasts
an oral dosage form formulated to dissolve slowly as it moves through the GI tract. Sustained-release medication
drug form formulated to be protected against stomach acid Enteric-coated tablets
drug produced by companies other than the original developer Generic drugs
small, airtight glass containers containing drug; meant to be broken open to extract the drug; used only one time Ampules
type of drug meant to be absorbed over a prolonged period after injection. repository or depot
ingredients of the drug formulation that includes preservatives, stabilizers, and liquid media into which the drug is dissolved or suspended. Inert ingredients
any use of a drug in a manner other than that approved by the FDS Off-Label/extra label
Any effects of the drug other than the intended effect Side Effects
Extra-Label drugs can be legally used by Vets in animals intended for use as human food true
Need to be able to: Critically Evaluate Problem Solve Adapting to patient Needs
therapeutic range blood level at which the drug is effective but not toxic if anything happens in their renal functions, interactions w/ other drugs, toxicity can happen easily
Dose amount of drug given to a patient at any one time
Dosage general amount over time- dosage regiment
Overdose too much at any one time
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