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Flavin MLE wk 1 2018

Flavin MLE LAW & ETHICS CH 1-4 wk 1 2018

Branch of philosop that relates to morals and moral principles. ethics
Failure to use reasonable Care. The most common type of medical tort liability is: negligence
A person being sued is called the: defendant
The withdrawal of a Dr from the care of a pt without reasonable notice of such d/c from the case by the pt is: abandonment
An unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another is: assault
The health worker is protected by law if it can be determined that he or she acted reasonable as compared with fellow workers. This is called: reasonable care
Failure of a professional to meet the standard of care. Negligence by a professional person is called: malpractice
An act that violates criminial law is called: crime
The breaking of a law, promise, or duty is called: breach
The ability to see things from another person's point of view is: empathy
The time established for filing law suits is: statute of limitations
A writ that commands a witness to appear at a trial or other proceeding and to give testimony is a(n): subpoena
A wrong committed against another person or the person's property is a: tort
Holding or detaining a person against his will is: false imprisonment
A violation of a person's right not to have his or her name, photograph, or private affairs exposed of made public without giving consent is: invasion of privacy
A major crime for which greather punishment is imposed other than a misdemeanor is: felony
One who institutes a lawsuit is: plaintiff
A legal statement of how an individual's property is to be distributed after death is: will
Info given by a pt to medical personnnel which cannot be disclosed without consent of the person who gave it is: privileged communication
A rule of conduct made by a government body is: law
Failure to do something that a reasonable person would do under ordinary circumstances that ends up causing harm to another person or a person's property is: negligence
Permission granted by a person voluntarily and in his right mind is: consent
Injuring the name and reputation of another person by making false statements to a third person is: defamation
An agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of some definite thing is: contract
Lack of physical or mental fitness is known as: incompetence
The final decision of a court in an action or suit is: judgement
Responsibility of an employer for the acts of an employee is: respondeat superior
A Latin term signifying that a person is not of sound mind is: non compos mentis
A person who is no longer under the care, custody, or supervision of a parent is called a(n): emancipated minor
An impartial panel established to listen to and investegate pts compaints about medical care or excessive fees is called a _____ committee. medical grievance
Latin for "things done; deeds"; the facts and circumstances attendant to the act in question would be called: res gestae
Testimony of a witness under oath and written down before trial for possible use when the case comes to trial is: deposition
A statute that enforces private right and liabilities, as differentiated from criminal law is called a: statute of limitations
Violation or omission of a legal or moral duty is called: breach of duty
A deliberate physical attack upon a person is called: battery
HIPPA Keeps patient information private and confidential.
Created by: Iteach4Docs