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cardio PVD

Cardio 3

located in superficial compartment of subQ tissue superficial venous system
located in deep muscle compartment bounded by fascia deep venous system
connect deep to deep or superficial to superficial communicating v's
connect superficial to deep v's perforating v's
intradermal, <1mm, red color telangiectasias
subdermal, 1-3mm, bluish color reticular
subQ, >3mm, may involve saphenous or other superficial leg v's varicose v's
more common in women than men varicose v's
intrinsic BV wall weakeness, increased intraluminal pressure, or congenital valve defects varicose v's
laser therapy, surgical ligation, ablation treatment for symptomatic varicose v's
inc fluid volume in skin/subQ tissues edema
due to extravasated RBCs that usually accumulate at ankle/leg pigmentation
erythematous dermatitis, often occuring near varicose v's eczema
localized chronic inflammation/fibrosis of skin and subQ lipodermatosclerosis
associated w/contracture of achilles tendon lipodermatosclerosis
caused by damage to valves from trauma or prior thrombosis venous reflux
pleuritic chest pain, tachypnea, dyspnea, tachycardia, cough, hemoptysis acute PE
pulm HTN and right sided HF chronic DVTs/Pes
Virchow's triad stasis of blood flow, vascular damage, hypercoagulable state
normal D-dimer excludes DVT and/or PE
extremely sensitive for proximal v's and calf v's venous duplex ultrasound
used for direct visualization of thrombus and ID absence of flow through BV venous duplex ultrasound
family hx of… venous thromboembolism
recurrent… DVT
unexplained DVT in pt < … 50 yrs
thrombosis in .. unusual vascular beds
warfarin induced.. skin necrosis
anticoagulant used initially heparin
anticoagulant used for long-term management coumadin
time of anticoagulation in pt w/1st DVT due to reversible cause at least 3 months
time of anticoagulation in pt w/unprovoked proximal DVT indefinite
used in pts w/contraindication to anticoagulation IVC filter
used in pts w/recurrent DVT despite adequate anticoagulation IVC filter
erythema, tenderness, and edema w/local heat superficial thrombophlebitis
Created by: drhermy