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GRE Root Lists

A without
Ab/Abs off, away from, apart, down
Ac/Acr sharp, bitter
Act/Ag to do, to drive, to force, to lead
Ad/Al to, toward, near
Al/Ali/Alter other, another
Am love
Amb to go, to walk
Ambi/Amph both, more than one, around
Anim of the life, mind, soul, spirit
Annui/enni year
ante before
anthro/andr man, human
anti against
apo away
arch/archi/archy chief, principal, ruler
auto self
be to be, to have a particular quality, to exist
bel war
ben/bon good
bi twice, double
cad/cid to fall, happen by chance
cant/cent/chant to sing
cap/cip/cept to take, to get
cap/capit/cipit head, headlong
card/cord/cour heart
carn flesh
cast/chast cut
join/junct to meet, to join
jur to swear
lav/lut/luv to wash
lect/leg to select, to choose
lev lift, light, rise
loc/log/loqu word, speech
luc/lum/lus light
lud/lus to play
mag/maj/max big
mal/male bad, ill, evil, wrong
man hand
min small
min to project, hang over
mis/mit to send
misc mixed
mon/monit to remind; to warn
morph shape
mort death
mut change
nat/nas/nai to be born
nic/noc/nox harm
nom rule, order
nom/nym/noun/nown name
nounc/nunc to announce
nov/neo/nou new
ob/oc/of/op toward, to, against, over
omni all
pac/peac peace
pan all, everyone
par equal
para next to, beside
pas/pat/path feeling, suffering, disease
pau/po/pov/pu few, little, poor
ped child, education
ped/pod foot
pen/pun to compensate
pend/pens to hang, to weight, to pay
per completely
peri around
pet/pit to go, to seek, to strive
phil love
plac to please
ple to fill
plex/plic/ply to fold, twist, tangle, or bend
pon/pos/pound to put, to place
port to carry
post after
pre before
prehend/prise to take, to get, to seize
pro much, for, a lot
prob to prove, to test
pug to fight
punc/pung/poign to point, to prick
que/quis to seek
qui quiet
rid/ris to laugh
rog to ask
sacr/sanct/secr sacred
sal/sil/sault/sult to leap, to jump
sci to know
scribe/scrip to write
se apart
sec/sequ to follow
sed/sess/sid to sit, to be still, to plan, to plot
sens/sent to feel, to be aware
sol to loosen, to free
spec/spic/spit to look, to see
sta/sti to stand, to be in place
sua smooth
sub/sup below
super/sur above
tac/tic to be silent
tain/ten/tent/tin to hold
tend/tens/tent/tenu to stretch, to thin
theo God
tract to drag, to pull, to draw
trans across
ven/vent to come or to move toward
ver truth
verd green
vers/vert to turn
vi life
vid/vis to see
vil base, mean
voc/vok to call
vol to wish
vor to eat
ced/ceed/cess to go, to yield, to stop
centr center
cern/cert/cret/crim/crit to separate, to judge, to distinguish, to decide
chron time
circu around, on all sides
cis to cut
cla/clo/clu shut, close
claim/clam to shout, cry out
cli to lean toward
co/col/com/con with, together
cour/cur running, a course
cre/cresc/cret to grow
cred to believe, to trust
cryp hidden
cub,cumb to lie down
culp blame
dac/doc to teach
de away, off, down, completely, reversal
dem people
fin end
flag/flam to burn
flect/flex to bend
flu/flux to flow
fore before
fort chance
fort strength
fra/frac/frag/fring to break
fus to pour
gen birth, creation, race, kind
gn/gno know
grad/gress to step
grat pleasing
her/hes to stick
(h)etero different
(h)om same
hyper over, excessive
hypo under, beneath, less than
idio one's own
im/in/em/en in, into
im/in not, without
inter between, among
ject to throw, to throw down
di/dia apart, through
dic/dict/dit to say, to tell, to use words
dign worth
dis/dif away from, apart, reversal, not
dog/dox opinion
dol suffer, pain
don/dot/dow to give
dub doubt
duc/duct to lead
dur hard
dys faulty, abnormal
e/ef/ex out, out of, from, former, completely
epi upon
equ equal, even
err to wander
esce becoming
eu good, well
extra outside, beyond
fab/fam speak
fac/fic/fig/fait/feit/fy to do, to make
fer to bring, to carry, to bear
ferv to boil, to bubble
fid faith, trust
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